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GMessage: The Messaging Client That We All Wish Existed.

Fixing Google’s messaging conundrum because they won’t.

Google has made a plethora of different messaging services over the past decade, and yet none of them have survived, let alone be successful. Ultimately, none of them could live up to iMessage. But Google has had an ace up their sleeve the whole time... Chrome. Find out more about this in my medium article I wrote.

Identifying the Problem

After doing all that research and thinking (seriously, you should read the article), there came the problem of actually designing the app. What can we do to make messaging more enjoyable, and enhance an already polished platform?

The obvious answer was to utilize Google's ML platform. This way, the most important messages are at the top. Whether the ML decides it, or the user wants to pin their favourite conversations (Apple seemed to like this idea enough two years after the article came out!).

Google has a lovely design system we know and love, but it also gives a lot of freedom. Not only freedom to the designer, but also freedom to the user. By keeping a clean layout, we can let users utilize colour to personalize their app without destroying the visual integrity.

Visual Design

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