I did these cool things:
Unity Augmented Reality
Unity Virtual Reality
Motion Graphics
P5.js & Posenet ML
Motion Prototyping

Fun Side Projects
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Some cool explorations that don't quite require a case study.

A site created for the end of the world party to hail the great creator and destroyer of Zorp! Leave your messages to the beloved creator and perhaps he will respond... Lovingly coded in HTML, CSS, and JS by me.

Go Hail Zorp!

Zorp Instant Messaging

Deck of cards where some of the cards do not have visible printed numbers. Such cards can have their numbers revealed using the accompanying app. Deck also comes with a template of rules that can be used for various games such as hearts, bridge, and even uno.

Augmented Reality Card Set

While working at Zero, I was given the lead on creating the studio reel. I worked with another designer to ideate through various concepts, and once we had been able to figure out a good solution, I was able to assimilate it all together and begin to animate. All the animation and visuals were done by me; content of course is Zero's work.

Zero Studios Reel

Using Google's ML pose estimation to create a fun interactive installation for the students at Pratt Institute.

Check out the site documentation and even try out our installation in your very own browser!

Posenet Installation

A reflection on becoming indepent, leaving the past, and connection in the midst of a global pandemic. Created out of the need to create, two friends and I got together and, somewhat cathartically made a publication to detail these theses.

Check out the publication here.


A speculative site that acts as the Pirate Bay of writing. "If knowledge is power, what if all knowledge was free?" Brand deck available on request. Coded in HTML, CSS, and JS by me.


Georgia Website

Motion design for Zero Studio's award winning birthday site. Won site of the day on march 8, 2019.

Neat, I'll check it out.

Zero Turns Two

I created an interactive virtual reality story for Ernest Hemingway's short story "Hills Like White Elephants". You can actually download and try it on your android phone!

Download the APK here.

Hills Like White Elephants

Quick coding experiment. Making three loops to communicate the feeling and essence of a song. Hopefully it calms you down :^) (the song is Levitate by Sports)

Levitate Code Video

Google has become so ubiquitous that it has assimilated into our daily verbiage. But what about Bing??

Figure out what you can Bing.

Can You Bing It?

Other Things You Can See (With Your Eyes)