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Addressing plastic pollution in a way that delights and informs.

17 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles every year, and every day the US throws out 88 tons of plastic that either goes to landfills or the ocean. The plastic never goes away. However, Most people already know that plastic pollution is bad, so how do we get them to actually act on their knowledge?

Addressing Plastic Pollution

If most people know it's bad and don't do anything, then there's no point in a normal awareness campaign. Rather, interaction is needed. But how do we get people to interact with something regarding plastic pollution? In our current zeitgeist we see environmental conversationists on the street become the butt of many jokes about ignoring poeple, especially in NYC. Therefore, we disguise the campaign to seemingly not be about plastic pollution.

Time for a Disguise

With companies like SpaceX being very much in the public eye, this presented a perfect opportunity to leverage the idea of space travel, and the neccessity of it because our planet is ultimately dying. This culminated in the idea of "Escape from Earth", a video game where the user literally must escape from a dying and polluted earth.

Now the question arises - Where do we put a video game and actually get people to interact with it? The key observation is find a place where people are already trying to kill time. And an obvious location is the subway. People will bring their phones, books, or anything to kill the time. So this is where we provide the video game so they can kill time by playing it.

Utilizing the Subway

The game would take any coin the player has on them, whether it be a penny or a quarter. At first they believe it's just a simple platforming game, but they will eventually realize it's unwinnable, just like many arcade games of the past. However, this game is unwinnable for a reason, as the user will be met with a message about how escape is impossible, and that their coin they used to play is actually a simple donation towards plastic pollution.

Initially, the machines would simply be put around in subway stations with no press or marketing around them, allowing social media and news outlets to disseminate the information organically. Once they start to work their way into the public eye, various marketing materials such as ad boards and sponsored articles will be released on the arcade machines.

Releasing the Campaign

You can play the alpha build of the game by following this link here.

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